With more than 227 thousand active members NRC’s Netpanel is the largest online panel in Hungary and it is used by market leading companies and research agencies to survey their target groups. The constant management and validation of panel members make it possible to conduct researches with large sample size.

Regional Surveys

Our professional team at NRC NetPanel offers the full-range management of international surveys using the system of Online Panel Network. We help a continuously growing number of Hungarian and international companies and research firms to manage their surveys in the region, we provide assistance to Clients from questionnaire translation to database delivery.

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The most cutting edge online software

An optimal software must provide all the exclusive features that perfectly fit to the customized demands of the survey. FreQuest questionnaire design, research and panel management softwares provide complex solutions for all fieldwork phases from questionnaire design to database creating. Accordingly at NRC we use freQuest softawres to conduct our online surveys.

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Special target groups

Online bankers, smart device users, car owners, responsibles for purchases, financial decision makers, travelers, TV users? Who are you interested in? Our panel continuously expanding from 2000 has 250 standard variables to filter. Panel members are recruited continuosly through external websites and offline methods.

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Outstanding respondent experience

Improving respondent experience makes it possible to provide more and more reliable research data to our partners. Accordingly we find it extremely important to regularly refresh the design of our online questionnaires and online qualitative solutions and to constantly improve respondent interface.

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„Thanks to the 5 years of experience, I’ve learned that the most important elements of keeping contact are trust based communication and adaptability. For our Hungarian and foreign partners I offer not only Hungary’s largest online market research panel and our company’s world class, innovative services, but the 15 years’ experience of NRC that made NetPanel the most requested responder community.

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