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Design Marketing Strategy and Optimize Ad Campaigns

Econometrics is a statistical model based on time series data and allows you to design efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns by specifying and analysing the joint effects of economic conditions, consumer behaviour and market positionwhich all may have influence on the performance of a product.

Recommended for

green-tick2agencies – to highlight trends that lead to a more efficient campaign planninggreen-tick2advertisers – to measure more precisely campaign ROIgreen-tick2media sales executives – to duly represent the potential of media channels

You are looking for Econometrics if

green-tick2you would like a head start in media buying tendersgreen-tick2you aim to increase campaign efficiency with costs decreasedgreen-tick2you need precise metrics to evaluate the efficiency of marketing investments

Improve your campaign efficiency!

Spotlight Analysis

Quick and effective online surveying tool for testing TV commercials.

In-Home Product Testing

Product testing solution that compounds the advantages of traditional product testing and online surveying.

ACBC Conjoint

The best concept testing solution for designing decision making mechanisms of customers.

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“I’ve been working in the field of market research for nearly 20 years for now. As a manager of the country’s first online research agency I believe that using modern technologies, innovative solutions and with the help of a professional research team we can provide reliable, problem-specific data for our clients. As a consultancy company it’s also important to give advice and ideas for our partners. With questions regarding innovative solutions or financial and OTC researches turn to me with confidence.”

For further information please contact me

managing director

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“Közel 20 éve dolgozom a piackutatás területén, az ország első online kutatócégének vezetőjeként pedig 15 éve hiszek abban, hogy a modern technológiák bevezetésével, az innovatív megoldásokkal és professzionális kutató csapattal érhetjük el azt, hogy megbízható, problémaspecifikus adatokat szállíthassunk megbízóinknak. Tanácsadó cégként pedig fontosnak tartjuk, hogy ne csak számokat tudjuk nyújtani ügyfeleinknek, hanem javaslatokat, ötleteket is. Módszertani és innovatív megoldásokkal kapcsolatos kérdésekben forduljon hozzám bizalommal!”
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