Web Usability Research, Package and Ad Testing

As the leading provider of eye tracking researches NRC helps to optimize online sales platforms, helps to make websitesmore user-friendly and to bring advertisements into focus: with the help of eye tracking researches using thelatest technology we provide quickly applicable results for upgrading and redesign processes.

Recommended for

green-tick2sales consultants – to improve online sales support platformsgreen-tick2advertisers – to refine commercials, billboards, advertisementsgreen-tick2developers – to improve usability of websites, softwares

You are looking for Eye Tracking if

green-tick2you want to improve customer experience and increase your online sales volumegreen-tick2you want to get your ad’s message across to your target groupgreen-tick2it is important for you that users can easily navigate your website / software

See through the eyes of customers!

Video Concept Testing

Concept testing assisted by infovideos makes it possible to analyse more complex concepts.

Performance Test

The real-time rating method of NRC makes it possible to track viewer emotions from one second to the next.

tarGet now!

We provide research data for concepts tested within 1-3 days.

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„I’ve been working in the field of market research for nearly 20 years for now. As a manager of the country’s first online research agency, I believe that using modern technologies, innovative solutions and with the help of a professional research team we can provide reliable, problem-specific data for our clients. As a consultancy company it’s also important to give advice and ideas for our partners. With questions regarding innovative solutions or financial and OTC researches turn to me with confidence.”

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