Hybrid and Offline Data Collection

In cooperation with our fieldwork partners who provide a wide range
of complex services we also conduct large sample offline and hybrid surveys.

Hybrid Data Collection

The greatest advantage of hybrid surveys lies in the possibility of integrating different data collection methods. Depending on the subject of the research and on the penetration of the target group we use telephone interviews or face-to-face data collection to complete our online researches. Due to the latest data collection technologies of our partners we grant a smooth fieldwork process to our clients.

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Ethnographic Research

We bring the lives of the customers close to you by using offline and online ethnographic tools and video interviews. Our researchers “live” together with customers both online and offline, what makes it possible for us to offer a full range of 360 degree view into how products are performing in their real environment. In addition we also provide review about what products the end users pick, why they pick them, and what experiences they share with their friends.

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Telephone Data Collection

Our fieldwork partners take great care of delivering high standard services to our clients therefore we introduced a customer relation management system to support marketing, sales and customer service activities. Phone data collection is a method available for surveying 15-20 minute long questionnaires or conducting consumer and business researches as well.

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Face-to-Face Data Collection

Our research partner was one of the first agencies to introduce CAPI laptop assisted interviews in Hungary, which method not only granted a shorter fieldwork and data processing time, but also allowed higher response rate. CAPI technique made it possible to use multimedia files such as photos, video and audio files during surveying. As a result more complex researches with larger sample size are possible to conduct.

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Innovative Qualitative Solutions

We are using the latest platforms for our online qualitative researches.

Standard Qualitative Solutions

A klasszikus fókuszcsoportok és mélyinterjúk mellett szemkamerás kutatásainkat ajánljuk!

Online Quantitative Researches

Our surveys are done on NetPanel, Hungary’s largest market research panel.

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