Product and service testing using infographic videos

Before taking a new product or service to market or in case of product development it is essential to understand customer opinions or to single out the most successful concept from the others. Our concept testing methodusing infographic videos as stimuli makes it possible to test even the most complex and difficult concept ideas.

Recommended for

green-tick2service providers – to evaluate consumers’ response to a new service ideagreen-tick2product development managers – to make development strategies smoother green-tick2decision makers – to pick the best product options

You are looking for Video Concept Testing if

green-tick2you would like to get your product or service tested before going to marketgreen-tick2you need market evaluation before changing product characteristicsgreen-tick2you want to find the product that best fits market demands

Use innovative infographic videos to present your concepts to respondents!

Eye Tracking

See through the eyes of your consumers! Find out what catches the attention of your customers.

Performance Test

The real-time rating method of NRC makes it possible to track viewer emotions from one second to the next.

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We provide research data for concepts tested within 1-3 days.

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