Social Media Research

Hybrid netrographic methods allow you to track the opinions of your customers and monitor your brand’s health continuouslyor on an ad hoc basis: we provide you support in implementing your strategic scopes by using social mediamonitoring software, online qualitative methods and representative researches.

Recommended for

green-tick2PR professionals – to monitor social media sitesgreen-tick2brand managers – to conduct online brand health researchesgreen-tick2agencies – to gather sector specific insights

You are looking for Netnography if

green-tick2it is important for you to give instant feedback on online activitiesgreen-tick2you would like to get insights into the opinions revolving around your brandgreen-tick2on top of quantitative researches customer insights could also support your work

Keep track of your customers’ opinions,gain more insights!

Online Forum

Our platform for conducting online forum discussions offers the best method for shared service development.

Online Focus Groups

Conducting focus groups online is one of the best solutions to quickly gather customer insights.

Online In-Depth Interviews

Online qualitative tool that compounds the advantages of traditional in-depth interviews and online surveying.

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„I’ve been working in the field of market research for nearly 20 years for now. As a manager of the country’s first online research agency I believe that using modern technologies, innovative solutions and with the help of a professional research team we can provide reliable, problem-specific data for our clients. As a consultancy company it’s also important to give advice and ideas for our partners. With questions regarding innovative solutions or financial and OTC researches turn to me with confidence.”

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