Customer Statisfaction Analysis

NRC’s Churn Research has a great significance in the field of services where it is essential to understand the reasonsbehind customers leaving a supplier for an other. With the help of Churn Analysis you can alsoestimate the probability of clients leaving a supplier in the next few months.

Recommended for

green-tick2providers – to understand and optimize churn processesgreen-tick2consultants – to develop churn strategies, support consultancygreen-tick2decision makers – to make better use of customer satisfaction analysis

You are looking for a CHURN Research if

green-tick2you want know why your customers choose your competitorgreen-tick2you are to decrease the threat of your clients churninggreen-tick2you want to know how you can win over more clients from your competitors

Explore the reasons behind your target group (not) choosing the competititors!

Spotlight Analysis

Quick and effective online surveying tool for testing TV commercials.


Modeling real-world behaviour of consumers for effective campaign optimization.

ACBC Conjoint

The best concept testing solution for designing decision making mechanisms of customers.

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