Online Quantitative Solutions

At NRC we use NetPanel, Hungary’s largest online market research panel for conducting our surveys. NetPanel has 227 thousand active members who can be targeted based on 250 standard variables and numerous filter options customized to the specific requirements of each research project.

Regional Surveys

Our professional team at NRC NetPanel undertakes the full-range management of international surveys using the system of Online Panel Network. We help a continuously growing number of Hungarian and international companies and research firms to manage their surveying in the region, we provide assistance from questionnaire translation to database delivery.

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Ad hoc Insights & Ideas Surveys

By providing Hungary’s largest online research panel and offering innovative research solutions NRC helps its research partners to get comprehensive answers and contributes to the overall understanding of consumers and competitors. Moreover our consultants also help to complete research objectives by giving practical and effective recommendations.

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Omnibus Surveys

In case you have only a few questions to analyze on a sample that is representative by certain predefined demographic parameters, hop on our Omnibus! This way you can reach a more cost-effective and faster solution than choosing an individual ad hoc research. Join our journeys starting in every month!

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Tracking Surveys

Most Hungarian companies conduct their online tracking surveys by using NRC’s NetPanel. For a reliable data collection you need not only an online panel with a large number of respondents but professional experience as well. Hungary’s largest online market research panel guarantees you the best quality and service.

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Quick and cost-effective
online research solutions!

Innovative Qualitative Solutions

We are using the most cutting-edge platforms for our online qualitative researches.

Standard Qualitative Solutions

Beside traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews we recommend our eye-tracking researches!

Hybrid/Offline Data Collection

Due to our data collecting partners’ wide range of services, large scale queries are possible.

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„I’ve been working in the field of market research for nearly 20 years for now. As a manager of the country’s first online research agency I believe that using modern technologies, innovative solutions and with the help of a professional research team we can provide reliable, problem-specific data for our clients. As a consultancy company it’s also important to give advice and ideas for our partners. 

With questions regarding innovative solutions or financial and OTC researches turn to me with confidence.”

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