Survey and panel management software

Improving respondent experience makes it possible to provide more and more
reliable research data to our partners. At NRC we use freQuest
softwares for conducting online surveys.

Questionnaire Editor

Our FreQuest questionnaire editor software offers a complex, user-friendly solution for questionnaire construction tasks. As every research project is unique and different a program serving it must provide all the exclusive features that perfectly fit to the customized demands of the survey.

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Survey Management

After uploading a questionnaire to the the freQuest survey management system it automatically converts the programmed questionnaire into an online questionnaire. The system provides a smooth data collection process, a simple way to follow completion status statistics and transparency in managing surveys.

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Panel Management

An online research panel is more than a simple list of email addresses. It is a community of respondents with characteristics and background data needed to be stored and be updated constantly. FreQuest’s complex panel management system delivers all functions required for building, registering and maintaining a panel.

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Online Qualitative Softwares

Besides our own developed forum and bulletin board sites we use one of the most advanced softwares for conducting online qualitative surveys. This software guarantees a smooth, convenient, quick and simple management of focus groups and in-depth interviews.

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The latest questionnaire design solutions

Marketing Research

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Innovative solutions

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