Measuring emotional effects of TV commercials

NRC’s TV commercial testing tool is the best solution to compare your advertising efficiency with your competitors: our complex analysis tool and dynamic TV spot testing method makes it possible to evaluate and improve an ad fromscene to scene in order to reach your customers with the perfect advertisement.

Recommended for

green-tick2agencies – to measure the emotional influence of TV campaignsgreen-tick2advertisers – to further improve creative conceptsgreen-tick2creative agencies – to confirm efficiency of ideas

You are looking for Performance Test if

green-tick2you intent to rise above media noise with an emotionally efficient TV commercialgreen-tick2you aim to reach a higher return on media investmentsgreen-tick2you would like to come up with commercials building brand equity on the long run

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Follow up viewer reactionsfrom one second to the next!

Video Concept Testing

Concept testing assisted by infovideos makes it possible to analyse more complex concepts.

Eye Tracking

See through the eyes of your consumers! Find out what catches the attention of your customers.

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We provide research data for concepts tested within 1-3 days.

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