Standard Qualitative Research Methods

At NRC our highly skilled experts are equipped with a professional technical background which is used not only for the most innovative online qualitative researches but for standard research methods as well. Our most popular offline tool is eye tracking analysis.

Eye Tracking

The innovative technology of eye tracking analysis allows us to get a deeper understanding of what consumers are actually looking at, what captures their attention and how it influences their decisions. Eye tracking is applicable to all kind of stimuli that can be displayed on a monitor. If requested, after problem solving and recording processes we also conduct in-depth interviews with the participants.

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Expert interview

Expert interviews with business decision makers and recognized experts are conducted by research professionals who have deeper knowledge in the specialized field. We define the target group of the research in cooperation with our clients, than we look up those business decision makers and specialists who belong to that specific target group.

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Focus group

Choose the PIXER-quality! We invite our focus group members into our own spacious high-tech studio room and welcome our clients in the neighbouring observation room separated by a one-way mirror. With PIXER online software it is possible to pre-check the participation history of potential focus group members prior to the screening process.

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B2C in-depth interview

Learn more about the experiences and future predictions of consumers from the point of view of single respondents. In-depth interviews are conducted independently or as complementary parts of focus groups. Moreover this method is also suitable to gain more insights, to deepen already gained research data or to better understand market processes prior to or after conducting a quantitative survey.

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Modern technology, private studio room

Innovative Qualitative Solutions

We are using the most cutting edge platforms for our online qualitative researches.

Online Quantitative Researches

Our surveys are conducted on NetPanel, Hungary’s largest market research panel.

Hybrid/Offline Data Collection

Due to the wide range of services offered by our data collecting partners we conduct large scale surveys as well.

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