Innovative complex research solutions

By using innovative research methods NRC helps its research partners to achieve their goals and objectives. Besides the latest innovative quantitative and qualitative solutions our experts apply eye-tracking techniques as well.

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Hungary’s largest online market research panel

Hungary’s leading companies and research firms use NRC’s online panel for surveying their target groups. Be our research partner and learn more about Hungary’s largest online panel and the services offered by NRC.

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The latest online softwares

By continuously improving respondent experience NRC provides more reliable results to Clients. With this end in view we use freQuest softwares for our online surveys. Learn more about the best online data collection software of Hungary.

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Professional graphic designs and infovideos

We create custom-designed questionnaires and videos to introduce the concepts of our Clients during testing and we also present summaries in form of infographics and infovideos. You can find some examples of our infographics here.

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