On top of quick and reliable research data our professionals also provide consultation and give recommendations on product and service development. As a result we bring solutions to our partners not just numbers.

Exploratory Market Research

Know the needs of your customers! In order to improve products and services it is essential to determine market demands and to evaluate competitiveness. Our Exploratory Market Research tool helps you to expand your portfolio or to introduce new products and services.

Brand Management

For a successful brand or service it is essential to get to know the opinions of customers and to be able to measure their level of satisfaction. Our Brand Management service helps you to maintain the competitiveness of your product along with improving its popularity.

Decision Support

It depends on numerous factors that supply actually can meet demand. We offer a solution to avoid obstacles and mistakes. By carrying out complex analyses our consultants give assistance in understanding alterations of brand awareness, making use of marketing communication budgets, implementing media plans and sales figures.

Product Development

The improvement of a product can lead to an effect quite reverse to what was intended. It may even result in the popularity of a product to decline. NRC’s tool helps you to develop your product or service by taking the opinions of your clients into consideration.

Brand Health Measurement

In today’s competitive markets it is a crucial job to build brand equity and to ensure brand stability. By examining several dimensions of brand health we help to understand the reasons behind the processes of consumers deciding to choose or not to choose a given brand up against another competitor brand.

Sales Support Service

In order to increase the success of products and services it is essential to reach as many customers as possible. With the help of our Sales Support service our clients will be able to expand their customer reach to the maximum and get useful advises on discovering new target groups.

Ad Optimization

As for most companies promotional costs can make up the greater part of expenses, it is important to focus special attention on the efficiency of advertisements. Our research experts help you to reach your target group more efficiently and to decrease your advertising costs at the same time.

Competitive Analysis

When launching a new product on the market it is essential to gather information about current and potential competitors. Our consultants give assistance in surveying the competitive environment and learning more about your competitors.

Professional consultant team

Marketing Research

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Innovative solutions

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„I’ve been working in the field of market research for nearly 20 years for now. As a manager of the country’s first online research agency I believe that using modern technologies, innovative solutions and with the help of a professional research team we can provide reliable, problem-specific data for our clients. As a consultancy company it’s also important to give advice and ideas for our partners. 

With questions regarding innovative solutions or financial and OTC researches turn to me with confidence.”

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