Regional surveys

Our professional team at NRC NetPanel offers the full-range management of international surveys by using the system of Online Panel Network.

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Innovative solutions

With innovative online and offline research methods NRC helps its research partners

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to effectively achieve their goals.

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Our experts provide advice and support on choosing the most effective research methods, interpreting data and implementing solutions.

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Professional softwares

Our software including three program modules provides assistance for survey management from constructing online questionnaires up to processing data.

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Market research analysis is just the first step on the road toward success – but our research experts also support you in interpreting research data and in implementing results. At NRC a research project does not end at handling over data. With our professional experience and our understanding of relations behind data we provide you support for strategic planning.The satisfaction of our clients is a priority for us. With this end in view we pay attention to continuous briefing and to provide a precise, accurate and reliable job.

Understanding and keeping client interests in mind and ensuring a successful fieldwork period following questionnaire design are fundamental parts of market research projects. Defining the proper target group, finding the most suitable surveying and sampling method are key factors for completing successful researches.Hungary’s leading companies and research agencies use NRC’s online panel for surveying their target group. We offer a complex system of managing surveys from questionnaire design to summing up results.

Understanding customer demands, knowing competitors and being able to continuously improve products and services are essential for reaching success. NRC is on the cutting edge of applying the latest techniques beside classic research methods. Our innovative quantitative and qualitative online research solutions contribute to efficient product and service development and the optimization of campaigns and costs.Beside clients and research partners our reliable and quality services are approved by professional organizations as well.

advertising analysisSpotlight Analysis

Our complex analysis tool and dynamic TV spot testing method makes it possible to evaluate and improve an ad from scene to scene in order to get to your customers with the perfect advertisement.

eyetrackingEye Tracking

As the leading provider of eye tracking researches NRC helps to optimize online sales platforms, helps to make websites more user-friendly and to bring advertisements into focus.

acbcACBC conjoint

With the help of analysing customer preferences formed by product attributes and price ACBC analysis efficiently contributes to the development of an effective market strategy.



A statistical model based on time series data which allows you to design efficient marketing campaigns by analysing the joint effects of economic conditions, consumer behaviour and market position.

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